UTLA Members Insurance


UTLA Member Disability Insurance

Our United Teachers Los Angeles Disability Policies are designed to help provide replacement income when members are sick or injured away from the job.  Our plans are unique because they pay 100% full benefits…

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UTLA Member Life Insurance

Our exclusive products are built for School and School District Personnel with low group rates. We also have the ability to quote any amount of life insurance on a specialized basis. Whether a Member is looking for $50,000.00, or $1,000,000.00 in Level Term, Universal, or Whole Life, we have the ability to meet most any need…

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UTLA Member Cancer Insurance

Due to the rising frequency of cancer and the extraordinary costs cancer treatment requires, we have made available an affordable way for employees and their families to help make ends meet…

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Health Insurance

Many school district employees are finding they have more and more out of pocket expenses for health insurance premiums each year. Sometimes, it makes sense to waive the District health insurance…

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