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“It is truly a pleasure to have you assist me in securing my claim filed in your office. I am acknowledging you for all of your untiring effort and energy… Thank you for your wonderful and cheerful service.”
Hank Sanders, Riverside Unified School District
“I was paid exactly what I applied for with NO reductions.”
Bonnie Teixeira, Pasadena Unified School District
“At age 46, I never expected to become disabled. Thanks to the disability benefits, I didn’t have to deal with financial stress! I thank you for your prompt and courteous service (both by mail and phone!).”
Shirly Zentmin-Salas, Kern High School District
“I was with Pacific Educators for many years. I was so satisfied with your service that I was about to apply for a 15 day waiting period rather than a 30. A presentation was made at my school by another company where we were to get a 7 day waiting period and 75% of our gross pay. People who were in “the know” came to me and told me this was the best plan on the market. They knew if I bought into it many would follow – and I did and they did. The other companies “sell” was not explained properly. Their plan was all tied into daily salary, minus sub-pay, minus any vacation day etc., etc. At least 13 teachers misunderstood, some of whom were with you and I’m in the process of getting my money back. I hope you review my application and accept me back into a trustworthy, honest company.”
Gerald Guinen, West Covina, CA