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“It is truly a pleasure to have you assist me in securing my claim filed in your office. I am acknowledging you for all of your untiring effort and energy… Thank you for your wonderful and cheerful service.”
Hank Sanders, Riverside Unified School District
“I was paid exactly what I applied for with NO reductions.”
Bonnie Teixeira, Pasadena Unified School District
“At age 46, I never expected to become disabled. Thanks to the disability benefits, I didn’t have to deal with financial stress! I thank you for your prompt and courteous service (both by mail and phone!).”
Shirly Zentmin-Salas, Kern High School District
“I was with Pacific Educators for many years. I was so satisfied with your service that I was about to apply for a 15 day waiting period rather than a 30. A presentation was made at my school by another company where we were to get a 7 day waiting period and 75% of our gross pay. People who were in “the know” came to me and told me this was the best plan on the market. They knew if I bought into it many would follow – and I did and they did. The other companies “sell” was not explained properly. Their plan was all tied into daily salary, minus sub-pay, minus any vacation day etc., etc. At least 13 teachers misunderstood, some of whom were with you and I’m in the process of getting my money back. I hope you review my application and accept me back into a trustworthy, honest company.”
Gerald Guinen, West Covina, CA
“Your company, believe it or not, saved my house. I cannot express in words what the payments have meant to myself and my wife.”
Gary Clifford, Yucaipa-Calimesa Unified School District
“I signed up for $2,200.00 a month and that’s exactly what I got, $2,200.00 a month.”
Yolanda Alvarado, Corona Norco Unified School District
“I was paid my FULL benefit IN ADDITION to my Sub-differential pay”
Quincella Green, Pasadena Unified School District
“I have been so sick that just knowing this money was coming was wonderful. My life has had to change so dramatically that not having to worry about my bills was a great relief. I have recommended you to other teachers.”
Nancy Hendrick, Sacramento Unified School District