California School Personnel Cancer Insurance

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California School Employee Cancer Insurance Plans
Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company
Kansas City, MO

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Due to the rising frequency of cancer and the extraordinary costs cancer treatment requires, we have made available an affordable way for employees and their families to help make ends meet when this tragedy strikes.

Our California School Employee Cancer Insurance Plans are designed to provide benefits in the event an employee or a (optional) family member are diagnosed with cancer. There are three plans to choose from with premiums starting at $7.26 a month for the member, and $10.38 for the whole family.

PLUS important benefits are available for increased protection, including: preventive maintenance benefits for mammogram and cervical cancer screening even without diagnosis of cancer and even if an employees health insurance pays 100% for those procedures. A First Diagnosis Benefit pays a one-time $1,500.00 benefit for the first diagnosis of any cancer (except skin cancer).

An Extended Benefit feature provides 100% (up to plan maximums) of all reasonable expenses incurred for medical services and supplies furnished by the hospital beginning with the 91st day of cumulative hospital confinement during any one illness period.

Employees, their spouse and unmarried dependent children (under age 25), are eligible to enroll. All benefits from this plan are